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Wanna try a new game for Nintendo Gamecube ?

Tetrofall is an orignal 1v1 surviving game in a small world of dashing blocks.

Winner of the Godfather Game Jam at IIM Digital School.


Tetrominos are falling from each side of the screen. In order to survive, you'll have to jump from one block to another, waiting for your opponent to die first.


(Keyboard) / (Gameboy)

(Enter) Start (Start)

(Tab) Option (Option)

P1 : First Gameboy

(Q)-(D) Movements (Pad)

(Space) Jump (B)

P2 : Second Gameboy

(<-)-(->) Movements (Pad)

(Right Shift) Jump (B)


Game Designers : Louis Fouéré  & Simon 'Ekoon' Lenain

Game Programmers : Pierre 'illianes' Mariotte, Antoine Dirion & Aurélie 'shinori' Valmores

Game Artists : Eva Desmazures & Galadriel 'Givraline' Lavasier

Game Production : Arnaud 'Elecktro-Punch' Parent


Team15 - Tetrofall.zip 30 MB

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